Born in Czech Republic, I grew up in Karlovy Vary. I am photographer based in Guatemala, since 2009. Although I travel several times a year to work in projects in USA, Europe, Mexico, Honduras and other Latin American countries, my life and love are, and will be split always between Czech Republic and Guatemala. Forever.

I became a photographer very early in life when discovered that I truly love human nature, I love people, their complexities, their beautiful feelings and relationships. I am now devoted to photography. I believe it has the power to tell stories, authentic tales…to make absolute magic out of a simple and ephemeral moment. 

I have been bestowed with the honor of documenting impossibly beautiful love stories, the most influential business people and intimate moments of people and families for the last 10 years, and still, every day, every project, feels to me like the very first time. 


After so much time creating memories for people, I can tell you without a doubt in my heart that there is nothing… nothing in this world, money or material things that will ever equal the value of memories that you create… That’s what I believe.
That’s what I live for.